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Taking a look at our Sister City, Mascara, Algeria

Mascara, the birthplace of Abdelkader, is a fast-growing city of over 110,000 inhabitants located in northwestern Algeria approximately 75 miles southeast of Algeria's second largest city, Oran. Mascara lies along the Beni Chograne Mountains at 2000 ft. above sea level, on both sides of the Wadi Toudman, a seasonal river. It is the capital of Algeria's 29th province, also named Mascara.
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The city blends the old with the new and is an important industrial, administrative and agricultural center providing such annual crops as grains, dates, grapes, olive oil, citrus fruit and tobacco. Wine production is a major industry. The wines produced in Mascara are known for their high quality throughout the world. Light industries include chemical and pesticide production.

Mascara has an excellent educational system including the University of Mascara which offers liberal arts, law, business, engineering and natural science programs.

Sports, especially soccer and swimming are popular pastimes. Mascara has 22 swimming pools and a sports stadium, the African-Unity Stadium. The city soccer team, GCM, participates in the Algerian Professional Soccer League.

The city is rich with historical buildings and sites relating to Abdelkader, the famous Algerian prince who led Algerian resistance against French occupation. In 1832 Mascara became the military headquarters for Abdelkader.

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