"We have found a wealth of new opportunities and ease of doing business in our new home in Elkader.”
-- Adam Pollock, Fire Farm, Inc., Elkader, IA
This small town of 1,500 located in Northeast Iowa serves as the county seat, has excellent educational and recreational facilities and a vital business community including a highly regarded hospital. Elkader is home to the main office of the Keystone Area Education Agency and has a state of the art communication infrastructure that includes fiber optic to every home and business in the community.

Three state highways, Iowa 13, 56, and 128 enter the city from the north, east, south, and west.  Two county paved highways connect Elkader with surrounding county communities.  Several major cities are within a 1 1/2 hour drive – Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Dubuque, and LaCrosse, WI.  This provides the perfect combination of small-town life with convenient access to larger cities.

"I was completely under the charm of this little town set like a precious stone in a green jewel case . . ."
-- Nasreddine Bouamrane, California, Sept. 2005

Elkader is surrounded by limestone bluffs and forested hillsides, with the meandering Turkey River running through the center of town.  This picturesque locale has become a favorite travel destination of tourists, campers and outdoor enthusiasts from across the Midwest.
Recreational Resources.

"The past comes to the present in its antique stores and the friendliness of its people."
-- John G. Motoviloff, Author of Driftless Stories
  The authentic charm of its unaltered architecture and natural beauty creates an esthetic backdrop for this energetic community. Tree lined streets, coupled with a main street filled with stores and shops provides a relaxed and pleasant existence for everyone.  A remodeled movie theater, a modern, attractive library, and a very active community theater offer abundant cultural and entertainment opportunities. All of this creates an excellent living environment.
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Historic Sites
Elkader Opera House

Why move a business here?

“The historic landmarks, multiple museums, parks, Opera House, cinema, trailheads, recreation areas, and niche retail shops are some of the assets that Elkader has developed and maintained over the years, but they do not tell the real story.

The real story is the community which brings these assets alive and continues to attract thousands of visitors a year to explore and enjoy our town. There is a vibrancy and energy that is palpable when you enter Elkader. I was taken by the beauty of the town when I visited five years ago, but I have visited many places as beautiful. What made me want to move my family and business to Elkader was the obvious commitment and enthusiasm the citizens had for their community. 

The regional phone company offered me a level of service and connectivity speed that I was still waiting for in the urban environment we moved from. This allowed our business to maintain our national and international relationships seamlessly from Elkader. The business environment from the state down to the local level has been welcoming and supportive. The jobs we create here are appreciated. We are rewarded with a dedicated and highly competent workforce. We have found a wealth of new opportunities and ease of doing business in our new home in Elkader.”

-- Adam Pollock, Owner
    Fire Farm, Inc.
    Elkader, IA  52043

Why start a business here?

“We originally came to Elkader because of its Algerian connections. What we discovered was a small town with a vibrant downtown. Main Street was full of cars, and while you often have to look around a bit to find parking, to us this was a sign that people were drawn in to the town and its businesses and cultural activities.

We had been living in Boston for the last 10 years and had grown tired of the constant congestion and noise of city life. Elkader seemed like the type of place where we could put down roots and create a successful business. It took us several years and a lot of hard work to make our dreams of opening a restaurant in Elkader come true. However, through the process, we received valuable support from many members of the community, in particular, the banks, the Clayton County Development Office and other small businesses. As first time owners of a business, these individuals and organizations further supported our feeling that Elkader is a great place to start and run a business."

-- Brian Bruening and Frederique Boudouani, Owners
    Schera’s Restaurant & Bar

Why keep and grow a business here?

“Elkader has a hidden treasure of craftsmanship and talent that is not being fully utilized. There is a natural work ethic instilled in the work force in the area that forms the #1 value to have and grow a business in Elkader. With the small town values applied to our products through our employees, we can create a value within our products that our competitors can not touch. It is easy to market quality to a world market. When people hear the words “E-Ject/Elkader, Iowa” there is a direct link to state of the art, productive earthmoving machines.”
-- John P. Moyna
   C.J. Moyna & Sons

What others are saying…

“I was completely under the charm of this little town set like a precious stone in a green jewel case………..At the end of the visit I had the emotional feeling that I was leaving home and my good friends. I had a dream that I would be able one day to live in such a beautiful and pristine setting.”

-- Nasreddine Bouamrane, California, Sept. 2005

“To step into Elkader is to step into a magical valley outlined in church steeples, with a river running through its heart. Its brick-front buildings, its foursquare main street, Keystone Bridge, and dramatic setting make it feel at once Midwestern and Old World. The past comes to the present in its antique stores and the friendliness of its people. To boot, nature is everywhere and easy to enjoy – canoeing the meandering Turkey River, fishing a nearby trout stream, or taking a hike in Backbone State Park just 15 miles away. Elkader is a gem of place to be visited and revisited. I recommend it highly to nature and history enthusiasts.”

-- John G. Motoviloff
    Author of Driftless Stories
    Fly Fisher’s Guide to Wisconsin and Northeast Iowa
    Wisconsin Wildfoods


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