Local Financial Incentives and Rebates
State Financial Incentives and Job Training
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Local Financial Incentives and Rebates

Tax Rebates
The City of Elkader offers tax rebates in select situations to assist a new or expanding business in making improvements to their property. When taxes are rebated, the property owner continues to pay taxes on the property and the City reimburses them for a portion of those taxes. Contact the City Administrator at (563)245-2098 or by email at elkaderadmin@alpinecom.net to determine the details of the agreement.    

Revolving Loan Funds
Funding is offered to new or expanding businesses via Revolving Loan Funds.  The Elkader Development Corporation offers up to $5,000 and the Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission in Postville offers up to $150,000. These loans are available to businesses for which credit is not otherwise available on terms and conditions that permit completion of proposed business activities.

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