Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

August 8, 2017

Location: Treats

Members Present: K. Dunlap, C. Fosse, R. Kuehl, C. Ruhser, W. Lough

Financial Report:
Financial report presented. Dunlap made a motion to approve the financial report and was 2nd by Lough.

Lough approved minutes pending double checking the amount given away for chamber bucks at sidewalk sales. The motion was 2nd by Kuehl.

Promotion Committee Report:

Old Business:
Expired Board Positions: Need to make a priority and find 2 people.

New Business:
Membership Letter: Would like to have this go out Nov. 1st.
Reviewed ad in “Area Attractions” for $306. Lough made a motion to utilize money for other things or to promote events in the paper and decline the Area Attractions ad this year. The motion was 2nd by Kuehl.

Executive Director’s report:
Christa is still doing facebook videos for Clayton County Development.
Christa will be working on thank yous for golf tournament.
Art in the Park and the Train Show is coming up.

September meeting will be Sept 12th.

Minutes submitted by Kristin Dunlap and will be approved at following Chamber meeting.


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