Elkader Area Chamber of Commerce Board Minutes

May 2, 2017

Location: Treats

Members Present: K. Dunlap, C. Fosse, R. Kuehl, C. Ruhser, W. Lough, B. Rentschler

Financial Report:
Financial report presented. Motion made by Dunlap to approve financial report and second by Lough.

Minutes from March were reviewed. Rentschler made a motion to approve minutes and was 2nd by Lough.

Promotion Committee Report:
The Chamber Board will keep sidewalk sales on same day as years prior.
Ladies Day Out – Registration was down this year. Was 270 last year and this year was 240, but some did not register.

Old Business:
Membership report: members are down right now but Christa will be calling.
Contacting potential board members.

New Business:
TNT Power Sports is a new business, Christa will call and set up a welcome.
Looking at replacing flag poles
Rentschler made a motion to approve the donation of $200 to Red Horse Fishery. Was 2nd by Lough.

Executive Director’s report:
Fosse announced that she is getting things ready for sidewalk sales and golf tournament.

Minutes submitted by Kristin Dunlap and will be approved at following Chamber meeting.


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